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Stainless Steel Strainer Basket

    Stainless Steel Basket Strainer

    Stainless steel basket strainer is suitable for filtering large particles of impurities. It can be installed in the pipeline to remove large solid impurities in the fluid, so that the magazines are stacked in the screen. The cleaning process is simple and convenient. It can be removed for cleaning and reuse. Its main benefit is that it can protect other important components existing in the piping system, such as valves, pumps, nozzles and homogenizers, so that machinery and equipment can work and run normally, to stabilize the process, and ensure the role of safe production.

    Hightop stainless steel basket filter provides flexibility during installation. Common materials are 304 stainless steel, other materials include brass, cast iron, and bronze. For maintenance, our basket filter models are easy to clean and repair, therefore, this filter reduces maintenance costs.

    The filter mesh of basket strainer can be made of woven wire mesh and perforated metal sheet, we can provide single-layer or multi-layer structures according to different applications and customer requirements

    Features and benefits

    • Corrosion resistance: Hightop uses quality stainless steel, such as 304 and 316.
    • Long service life: Excellent corrosion resistance and strength extend service life.
    • Easy to use: no complicated installation process.
    • Reusable: When the filter is full of impurities, just remove it for cleaning and then use it again.


    Our basket filters can be installed in suction or pressure pipes to protect downstream plant components (valves, pumps, gate valves, pressure gauges or pipes).

    Customized Service Available

    Don’t have the filter model you want? We can produce and process according to the drawings you provided, please contact us for more information.

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